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"Be Faithful" actually started off as just two people (myself and a friend) goofing around on a Ragnarok Online private server with two characters we had both wanted to make. They weren't given personalities initially, since the creator of Shroedinger wasn't much of a roleplayer anymore. I gave a personality to my other character at the time, a High Priest named Etienne, wrote a couple drabbles and it just exploded from there.

Since then, the two of us have made a bunch of other pairs of characters and we continue to use them on both EssenceRO and ForsakenRO (Forsaken is where the magic happened, Essence is where we are now).

Cairon and Shroedinger got more backstory than intended, though. If I remember right, they came into existence near April of last year and have kept growing as characters ever since.

Honestly, I love them a lot, and there are so many little details about them that I want to include in the comic but would stretch it out amazingly and make it super boring. So, they'll be left out, but that's what omakes are for, right?

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